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Welcome to LearnHPC!

What is this website for?

The goal of this website is to ensure that High Performance Computing (HPC) is an accessible technology for the widest possible community of scientific researchers. We wish to act as a gateway to materials, resources and tools that will lower or remove as many barriers as possible in the learners journey when discovering High Performance Computing (HPC).

We want to formulate a scalable HPC training approach that will facilitate the removal of any perception of elitism from HPC and expose the maximum amount of researchers possible to HPC resources, and the possibilities that they can enable. For those that continue beyond the introductory material you will find here, we will try to point you to the next level of HPC resources (and associated training).

Intended audience

The target audience for the final page is anyone who is motivated to learn more about HPC. Contributors to this page are likely to be people who are trying to cater to that audience.

We are (mostly) linking to external content, so we try to keep the contextual information pretty brief, and the details you can find through the links.

There are likely many biases in the way we present things here (and content we include), which reflect the activities and interests of the people who have contributed them. Hopefully these biases help more than they hurt!


  1. Scalable HPC Training - an overview of the LearnHPC approach

  2. Getting access to HPC resources.

    1. Via LearnHPC
    2. Accessing larger scale resources
  3. Providing a software environment

  4. Training material

    1. Introductory training
      1. HPC Carpentry
    2. Intermediate/advanced training
      1. PRACE
      2. HPC Centres of Excellence


Last update: March 7, 2022